Global research suggests forests and green spaces have a positive effect on people’s health

The International Society of Arboriculture The urban forest is increasingly being recognized for its benefits to public health and wellbeing. As a result, more cities in North America are including green spaces in their community health policies and promoting trees in their climate-change agendas. Among the ways trees improve public health: 100 trees remove 53 tons of Read more

Opinion Letter

The Union Newspaper On Saturday, Jan. 24, I had the wonderful experience of learning how to prune my landscape trees. Not only did Prospector’s Nursery provide a comfortable learning environment, including some edible goodies, but the “class” was free, as Aero Acton of Leaf It To Me first taught us and then showed us on Read more

Free Mulch

The Union Newspaper It’s fall and the trees are putting a winter blanket over their roots. In the forest the soil is covered with leaves and other decaying organic matter. This organic mulch slowly decomposes improving soil fertility, aeration, structure, and drainage. Mulch is part of a tree’s natural environment and provides the perfect conditions Read more

Specialty tree trimmers use their conscience

by Edy Cassell, The Union Home Improvement Guide The sound of chainsaws and the smell of two-stroke engines fill the air, but what is most striking about visiting the Leaf it to Me crew is the vision of men in trees, moving around with an ease that defies the terrestrial reality that grounds most of us mere mortals. Originally established in 1998 by Read more

Tree Talk: Got roots?

The most misunderstood and overlooked part of a tree is the root system that hides beneath the ground. Most people think trees have giant tap roots that grow deep into the ground to hold the tree up. They think they “saved” a tree just because they didn’t cut it down. They call leaves “green waste” Read more