Just maybe, the kids will eat a radish School garden gets boost from local tree service

By Trina Kleist, The Union Newspaper

Custodian Don Fowler built the garden at Gold Run Elementary School, in Nevada City, in 1991 and ” no matter how hard parent volunteers worked at it ” the weeds and trees finally were about to take over.

So parents Aero and Kara Acton, owners of the Leaf it to Me tree and horticulture service in Nevada City, donated a crew on Monday to prune deadwood from the deodar cedar, fruit trees and grape vines and pull out weeds at the little plot on a corner of Zion Street.

“It’s enough for the kids and the moms just to plant,” said Kara Acton, whose two boys attend pre-school and second grade there. “We’re just trying to calm the jungle out there so they can work.”

Beneath the jungle canopy, children have been harvesting tomatoes, potatoes and winter squash. Dahlias from the garden adorn the school office, and children have hauled in pumpkins planted by last spring’s pre-schoolers.

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