aero in a tree

Arborist Consultations

Aero can come evaluate your site and assess your trees for health and risk. He will discuss management options with you so that you can make educated decisions on how to best manage your trees. Aero provides verbal assessments, written assessments and reports, tree inventories, and appraisals.

aero pruning a tree

Tree Pruning

Young trees should receive a little pruning so trees develop good structure as they mature.  Middle age and mature trees should receive occasional pruning to clean the crown, improve structure, provide clearance, and reduce risk. We use advanced rope access climbing techniques so your trees aren’t damaged during the pruning process.

tree with space by house

Defensible Space

Living in a fire prone community it is important to regularly maintain defensible space around your home and property. From brush and tree removal, to structure and driveway clearance, let us help you improve your defensible space. By selective cutting and chipping with our all-terrain chipper we can carefully work through an area and save more sensitive or desirable plants and trees.

aero removing a tree

Tree Removal

When it comes to removing trees, we stay up to date with current Best Management Practices for tree rigging in arboriculture.  You can be confident that we will take the steps necessary to protect your property, whether it be removal by felling, rigging, or crane.

laurel after pruning

Shrub & Vine Pruning

Shrubs and vines may need to be pruned for cleaning, rejuvenation, or shaping.  We prune trees, shrubs and vines of all sizes and take care to make our pruning cuts in the proper locations to promote good structure of future growth.

tree cable

Tree Support Systems

Sometimes trees could use extra support.  Cabling, bracing, guying, and staking can be used to protect weak tree structure from failing or provide support to storm damaged trees.  We have extensive experience with all types of support systems and can offer a variety of options based on current research and standards. 

fresh peaches in tree

Fruit Tree Advisor

Aero possesses a lifetime of knowledge and passion for fruit trees, cultivated through years of experience at OLala Farms, where Aero continues to care for the orchard. With this extensive background, Aero can provide expert guidance to help you maintain and nurture your own orchard and fruit trees, ensuring they thrive and produce abundant, healthy fruit. Aero’s expertise can support your orchard’s success.

vegetables planted in rows

Organic Farming

Aero grew up on OLala Farms, an organic farm in North San Juan, California. Drawing from this rich background, Aero offers consulting services to help you establish and optimize your farm. With expertise in crop maintenance, soil health improvement, composting, and organic fertilization, Aero can guide you in enhancing your sustainable farming practices for long-term success.

trees ready to be planted

Tree Planting

Growing resilient trees for the future starts with appropriate tree selection, careful planting site preparation, and proper planting techniques. Each of these steps ensures your trees will thrive for many years. Let us help your trees get the very best start and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.