Specialty tree trimmers use their conscience

by Edy Cassell, The Union Home Improvement Guide

The sound of chainsaws and the smell of two-stroke engines fill the air, but what is most striking about visiting the Leaf it to Me crew is the vision of men in trees, moving around with an ease that defies the terrestrial reality that grounds most of us mere mortals. Originally established in 1998 by Kara Acton and joined shortly thereafter by husband Aero Acton, Leaf it to Me has grown into one of the most versatile tree care businesses around. With a strong background from UC Davis in horticulture, arboriculture and urban forestry, Kara and Aero have grown Leaf it to Me into a thriving business with a consciousness that goes beyond just cutting trees. “We don’t mow grass and we don’t
do logging, but we do everything in the middle,” Aero Acton said.

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